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Wayne Wallace

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  • first
    • second
      • sub item
        1. number 1
        2. number 2
    • [ ] todo 1
    • todo 2

A todo item.

A todo item that has been done.

This text will be indented on both the left margin and the right margin.

Text to be displayed verbatim (as-is), without markup 
(*bold* does not change font), e.g., for source code. 
Line breaks are respected. 

Some MATLAB source code:

>> rand(1,3)
ans =
   5.5856e-01   7.5663e-01   9.9548e-01

Some arbitrary text to be typeset verbatim in monospace font:

Apples, oranges,
cucumbers, tomatoes
Country Abstracts Downloads Ratio
United States 7 497 71.0
Unknown 4 83 20.8
United Kingdom 3 41 13.7
Germany 3 29 9.7
Netherlands 2 21 10.5
Japan 1 18 18.0

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