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I found Wayne to be an experienced, exceptional and trustworthy advisor. His learning media shows you step by step what you need to do, and exactly how to do it. A successful, encouraging business man who keeps you moving forward. His knowledge of marketing online for a start-up business or an online presence for a local business is remarkable. — Caylynn.



Wayne had created a walk-through video on how to set up sitemap on Google and Bing. It was a lifesaver! There was so much information that I had been completely unaware of, including where to start! This was a tremendous help for my business and I am very grateful to have had his assistance! — Jeannette



I am quite new here and in the world of internet website building and selling. I love writing, but I find the technical side a bit hard at times. Wayne has been a great help and a friend. A big thank-you and…. Keep up the good work! — Donatella


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Wayne Wallace

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